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The property rises imposingly on the sunniest plateau of the Jungfrau region. The hotel is the oldest «palace» in Switzerland. The Palace evokes tradition and has an eventful history spanning over 100 years. Past guests of the Palace include the King of Norway, Adenauer or Montgomery. The Palace is directly connected to the alpine sports centre.

Executive summary

Environment, goal

  • The Palace properties in Mürren have been part of a bankruptcy estate since 2013 and were encumbered with a protracted legal dispute regarding the collocation plan and comprehensive usage rights of third parties.
  • Palace avenir AG (Mürren institutions, local companies, foreign landowners and guests) took over the properties from the bankruptcy estate at the end of 2018 and adjusted the usufruct situation.
  • Palace avenir, in cooperation with the Alpine Sports Centre Mürren (ASZ), is currently operating the hotel as a pop-up operation in order to have sufficient time for planning and the search for a suitable investor.
  • The aim of Palace avenir is to find an investor who will take over, renovate and expand the properties and successfully operate the hotel within the framework of the developed and desired concept.
  • Palace avenir has developed an operating and construction concept with external support. The chosen level of detail was necessary in order to check the economic efficiency. The investor should adhere to the developed positioning, which eliminates the current deficiencies and is aligned with the strategy and structure of Mürren.
  • The purpose of this dossier is to find an investor who will implement the planned operating and construction concept and who will contribute to the planning process following the conclusion of a conditional (building permit) purchase agreement.


Operating & Construction concept


Art Nouveau Salle

Positioning: Offer in the top segment of Mürren in casual surroundings for discerning couples and families with sporting interests, with 32 spacious suites with kitchenettes and 11 double rooms. Total 96 standard beds and 40 extra beds.

Positioning: A large hall (200 – 300 seats) as a centre for events, meetings, seminars embedded in the overall destination marketing of Mürren.

 Finance: after a ramp-up phase, with an occupancy rate of 44% (Mürren 46.7%, basis 365 days) and 18,000 overnight stays, a turnover of CHF 3.7 million and a rental value of CHF 0.75 million is achieved.

Finance: A concept with broad support for investments and contributions to the business is being considered.

Construction concept: renovations, capacity expansions. The investments, including the purchase of the properties and the necessary easements, amount to CHF 12.5 million. The rental value allows for 6% for depreciation and interest on the capital.

 Construction concept: Improvement of access and ancillary rooms (including toilets) as well as heating/ventilation. The investments amount to around 2 million.

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